We have many genuinely bisexual ladies who love massaging couples. All of these masseuses are highly experienced in massaging both men and women. 

Our bisexual girls will tailor the experience to a pace which enables you to both feel comfortable, and caters to your individual and mutual desires. Your chosen masseuse/s would also enjoy teaching you some tantra by showing you techniques to massage your partner, should you wish to become more involved in your partner's massage.

Indulging in a tantric massage together is a blissfully exciting way to enjoy Tantra, increasing the depth of the experience. 

You can also experience a 4 hand massage with two masseuses, so that the two of you may be massaged at the same time.  The ultimate Couples Massage pampering. 

Couples Massage has an additional fee of +£100, if meeting with one masseuse (if booked as a 4 hand massage, it is each masseuses' hourly rate, without the +£100 surcharge). 

For enquiries about Couples Massage, please call:

+44 7743 231623