Using Tantric Massage For Relaxation


Meeting expectations seems impossible, so does meeting the demands of others and constant need to make things right. Even in the most intimate of times we-re constantly being asked to perform and make things work perfectly. For men it’s the desire to last longer and for women it-s the desire to please and to finish so that the man doesn’t feel inadequate. These feelings get in the way of the true need to feel pleasure in bed; it turns the sexual act into something filled with anxiety and expectations. There is a way for you to learn to meet those expectations and, beyond that, exceed them. This will take away your anxiety of sexual contact and make it so you can actually be present and in the moment when engaging with someone else. That’s actually part of the problem, everyone seems so fixated on what could happen, what they want to happen that they forget to be there and experience the thing itself. Well, tantric massages are a way to get rid of all those fears and expectations and simply learn to enjoy sex completely and thoroughly.

Through the teachings of Tantra present in the massage you will learn how to hold back ejaculation, for men, and how to relax and simply trust your boy is capable of achieving orgasm on its own, for women. You’ll learn how purposeful breathing can help you be present and how feeling everything will help you not be afraid of expressing desire and needs. All this is done through the help of a sensual young woman who’s ready to bestow upon you all the sacred teachings of her art. Through her guidance anyone can achieve the sexual prowess that they desire, and the best part is that it’s all done through the art of teaching you how much pleasure your body can receive. Tantra is truly the art of giving and tantric massages are about giving all and letting it all lie open in front of you for you to take.