The Power of Sensual Caress


Embracing each other is something that all cultures have in common in one way or another; it’s an expression of love and kindness to give someone a hug. However some studies suggest that hugging actually goes beyond simple psychological needs for affection. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley believe that the action of hugging someone and being hugged back could have reparative, anti-aging benefits.

When we hug someone a chemical by the name Oxytocin is released into the blood stream. This chemical is responsible for those indescribable feelings we get when we’re bonding with a lover or a loved one. This is, essentially, the love hormone. However an interesting fact has also been brought up where there is a link to Oxytocin and looking younger.

Naturally as people age the levels of Oxytocin drop and it can be linked to feeling unwell and even losing muscle mass. So, in short, Oxytocin can make you look and feel younger since releasing more of this hormone has benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, which fight aging.

Human contact is essential to our wellbeing and sometimes we don’t get nearly enough of it. Skin to skin contact is the basis of tantric massages and you’d be surprised that there is actual hugging involved (particularly in Nuru massages). This is why many studies have shown that having a tantric massage has so many benefits when they’re administered by someone who has practice and knows what they’re doing. Feeling someone’s body against yours and experiencing their skin against yours truly is something humans not only crave but need. Never before has it been so easy to get our ‘fix’ of sensual relaxation and physical comfort. Guilty Pleasures London also has the benefit of sending someone to the comfort of your home. It’s as easy as making a quick phone call to confirm your massage.

Feeling great and looking great are tied together and feeling great is exactly what is at the centre of any tantric masseuse’s aims.