Tantric Massage To Ease Travel Stress



I’ve never understood the jetsetter culture. It seems like a fast track to migraines, sleeping issues, acne and endless pill popping to try and get yourself together. You see, for me travelling has never been something to celebrate. Well, it’s not going somewhere new that I don’t like but the fact I have to get there somehow. Airplanes, my friends, are definitely not my friend. I’m that person who complains about everything, kicks your chair and is always uncomfortable. But, like everyone else, I do like to get away and sometimes that involves facing the beast that is a long haul flight. I need time to prepare, to get myself together for what’s to come. Luckily for you I’ve done the hard work and I’m pretty sure I’ve got this thing down. Sure, you can go online and read a million and one articles on how to bring water, a hydrating mask (really? Who does this!?) and a pillow but I’m here to tell you that’s all rubbish. I’ll let you in on the best way to actually not die before and after a flight:

Book a massage maybe for before and after your flight.

Seriously, listen to me and do this. Sure, it’s an added expense but it’s something you’ll be thankful for. Tantric massages before a flight have been a life saver for me. Not only do I feel like a whole new person before getting on the plane but I also happen to look great. Not Michelle Pfeiffer great but great as in ‘I’m so relaxed and I have some inner glow radiating from my pores’ kind of great. The oils used during the massage are incredibly hydrating so your skin will be protected the entire flight from becoming dehydrated… and you won’t have to buy some crazy mask (seriously now, who actually does this?). As an added bonus you also just want to sleep the entire flight which is much better than having to listen to that baby cry for 5 hours.

If you’re flying to London perhaps try booking a tantric massage through the Guilty Pleasures website. It’s as easy as sending an email and then confirming. You’ll find yourself relaxed and ready for however long your flight is!