Tantra For Improving Intimacy


Many people wonder if tantric massages or therapy is simply a new fad and a new way to make a quick buck. Not to mention that it’s often wrongly associated with the idea that it’s a more acceptable form of cheating on your spouse. The truth is that we’re so blinded by some insane ideas about sex and sexuality that when we’re presented with even a minor thought of it as part of anything other than the closed doors of a bedroom we completely panic. However anyone can tell you that the first sign that something is wrong in a relationship is lack of sex.

Tantric massages are deeply spiritual and meaningful experience that can help those who haven’t been feeling their relationship flourish lately rekindle their love. It’s not just about reawakening their sex drive but that should come naturally as relationships are mended on a deeply spiritual level.

Tantric therapies for couples start by removing the tension our carries accumulate when our emotional and physical needs aren’t being met. Once this tension is released the feelings of being numb or angry lessen to a great degree and we are able to open up to those we love the most.

A truly great Tantric lover is dedicated to consistently unwinding the tensions of daily life so they can tune in to this subtlety. It opens up a listening where your body can 'hear' what it needs in order to open more and what your lover needs in order to go deeper. If we are energetically blocked, if our chakras are out of order then we simply cannot communicate correctly. Tantric massages use sensual energy to bring back the vitality in a relationship, open the doors of communication and bring people closer together. After all these areas are properly dealt with sex just comes naturally again and many couples attest to the fact the sex is better than what they had experienced before. That is the power of tantric massages for couples.