Massage Benefits For Crossfit Fans


The latest trend on the exercise block is without a doubt the high intensity training knowing as CrossFit. A fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman this unique mode of excising has redefined fitness for its many avid followers. With workouts based on functional movements it is a perfect companion to a busy schedule, building the muscles you need to feel strong and able to face your day with great efficiency. Plus using principles across many spheres and weight variation CrossFit packs the most into a limited amount of time. No wonder so many of our successful clients at Guilty Pleasures London enjoy the convenience of this unique fitness method.

Crossfit fanatics, coaches and even one timers should be aware of the benefits of massage for your sports toned body. Integrating regular massages into your routine will considerably improve your results as well leave you feeling revitalized for more hard graft! Many CrossFit sources recommend massages on weekly or monthly basis. A regular massage decreases soreness from CrossFit’s high intensity and reduces the risk of injury whilst stretching the muscles to increase your mobility and develop your performance.

As lactic acid and toxins build up in the body during in exercise there is all the more reason to relax into the hands of a capable masseuses. Massage speeds the body’s natural process of toxin release. Unlike any other massage a tantric massage can penetrate deeper below the surface of your body into your desires and hidden tensions. The ultimate release of an erotic massage can ease the tired body and mind unlike anything else. Our beautiful girls are attuned to the many needs of an athletic body, with care and intuition able to build and release tension in the most pleasurable ways. You may wish to consult your individual needs with your masseuses or simply allow her soft hands to expertly caress away your aches and pains, relaxing your body and clearing your mind before invigorating your sexual energies to further improve your performance next time you hit the gym. Regular CrossFit trainees should not let our agency’s title deceive them – your pleasure is not guilty when you’ve earned it!