Living in the Moment


It’s easy to get carried away during experiences. In fact in our current society getting carried away and not fully be in the moment seems much more common than the contrary. Just recently I was out with some friends and they asked me why I wasn’t taking pictures and the truth is I was just too caught up in the moment to think of taking my phone out to snap a couple of pictures. This is not to hate on people that do take pictures of their outings but that’s just how I make sure I’m fully in the moment and not carried away by other stuff.

Sometimes being able to think of ten things at once can be a good thing, like when you’re at the office and have to think of all those emails you need to send but also what you’re going to have for lunch and if you left the stove on. It’s not bad to let your mind wander but it’s also important that for certain things you’re just in the moment and not somewhere else or at home going over every step of you leaving the house to figure out if, indeed, you left the stove on.

Tantric massages have helped me greatly to allow me to be completely focused on what’s going on at the time. During a massage you’re reminded over and over to feel what’s going on and to have your mind present in those feelings. You’re encouraged to forget about the fact your belly isn’t flat enough or that maybe you’re acting weird or that you aren’t sure if you should be doing this or where you left your keys. The key is to let go of all that and to be present in the wonderful emotions you’re going through by having your sensuality stimulated. It’s pure and unadulterated pleasure what you’re supposed to be feeling and yet we look for ways to dampen that. We shouldn’t. We should allow all the pleasure in the world to wash over us and to simply be there in the moment and feel every little thing that we can. From the rubbing, to the oil dripping down our skin… not missing a single breath or a single beat.