Feeling Sexy With Tantric Massage


It seems that when it comes to being and feeling sexy there are many options open to women. Anything from boudoir shoots to taking dance lessons and even burlesque show classes are all available to women but men have little choice when they feel like expressing their sexy side. In fact it seems that even calling a man sexy means that you’re somehow ‘degrading’ him to female status. Firstly, there is nothing degrading about being more feminine but, more importantly, there is also nothing strange about a man wanting to feel sexy within themselves. More and more men are seeing a shift in how they are portrayed in the media and they too feel the need to keep up and be that guy all the women want to sleep with, and who walks down the street and gets them all turning his way. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that attention and, sadly, there aren’t a lot of options for men to explore their sexy side. Surprisingly the options become scarcer if the man is heterosexual.  So what’s a bloke to do if they want to explore their sensuality?

Why not try tantric massage? Even though tantric massages are more about the woman being in control they still have a way of leaving a guy feeling completely sexy. This is because these are not passive massages where you just lie back and have someone rub your back. These massages involve the man too and help him find his own sensual qualities he can exploit. It also helps that no part of the body is left untouched so the experience truly is meant to bring out the sexual powers men hold.