Clients' Tantric Adventures: My Relaxing Outcall Massage


I decided to book a tantric massage on the spur of the moment. I had had a hell of a day and my back was hurting, not least because I had endured a thrashing at squash the night before my business meeting in London!

I googled to search for a tantric massage agency close to my hotel room that evening, and my head was turned by the photographs of the stunning, curvaceous women that are trained in tantric massage. Intrigued, I called the receptionist and asked for some more information. She explained that a tantric massage works on all parts of the body; the masseuse uses her hands and body to awaken the energy centres which are located along the spine, in accordance with the ancient practice of tantra.

With my aching back and head full of budgets and agendas, I was craving some TLC and pampering so I made my booking there and then. My beautiful masseuse was set to arrive in less than one hour’s time so I had time to send some emails and shower before I heard a discrete knock at the door.

My masseuse was professional, intelligent and incredibly discrete. She had no problem finding my room because the receptionist knew the layout of my hotel and was able to direct her straight to the hotel elevator. She looked fantastic; petite, curvy yet toned, with long lustrous hair, and I couldn’t wait to get started! She had brought candles and scented aromatherapy oils, and she took care of everything.

I lay on my hotel bed and she took off her clothes and got to work on my whole body, paying particular attention to my back. She had been a trained massage therapist before learning tantric techniques and her touch was magical.

The sensations of her naked body sliding against mine were unbelievable and she knew just how to touch me to awaken every part of my body. The most amazing thing was that all the stresses of the past two days, the travel, the traffic, the business targets, didn’t matter a jot for those delicious 90 minutes, and I felt spiritually renewed for days afterwards. I am totally hooked and I can’t wait for my next tantric massage!