Clients' Adventures: Tantric Massage for Sensual Healing


My boyfriend and I booked an erotic tantric massage as a Valentine’s treat at my suggestion. He had been through a rough time medically and the emotional strain had meant that our lovemaking had really suffered. This had got to him both mentally and emotionally, and a friend of mine recommended tantric massage to provide us both with a fresh outlook on the whole situation.

When we talked to the receptionist, she suggested that two girls visit us to provide us both with some much-needed pampering. When the two beautiful girls arrived, they made us feel instantly at ease. They worked together great as a team because they were work colleagues - with a big dose of something extra; a desire to make us feel fantastic with the power of intimate tantric touch.

It was so exciting to see him being touched and I was intrigued. I was able to get some great tips from the experts! I know that he was also thrilled to see me having such a good time and he also learnt some techniques about how to touch the female body to awaken hidden sexual energies. He was able to totally enjoy the experience without having to worry about his own performance and it was truly liberating! It felt so good to lie back and let someone else do all the work and have nothing to worry about.

As a result of our tantric massage, we felt happy and excited about our mutual experience. It was great for our confidence and we couldn’t wait to touch each other when we got home!