Clients' Adventures: Finding Yourself With Tantra



Have you ever stopped yourself and suddenly realized that you’re not sure who you once were anymore? This is something we usually reserve for angst riddled teenagers obsessed with ‘finding themselves’ but how many adults do you know that actually know who they are? Do you know who you are? It’s not a very deep question really… All you need to do is look in the mirror and truly ask yourself if you know who you are and what you’re doing with your life. The answer may very well surprise you.

We all lose contact with ourselves at some point or another, sometimes in times of deep stress and uncertainty, but also sometimes just due to busy schedules and the pressures of work. The important thing then is to not panic and figure out a game plan to get in touch with your true self. Not just your outward shell that floats around and tried to fit in but who you are at your core. Whenever I need a little reminder I call up Guilty Pleasures London and set up an appointment. I know what you’re thinking… this isn’t what tantric massages are about right? So many articles and news columns talk about how to get better orgasms through tantric massages so what does that have to do with your inner self? The short answer is: everything. We are, after all sexual beings but beyond that, beyond the superficial aspect of the massage I find that honesty and self-appreciation are the things I take away from my sessions. Maybe not at first, however. At first I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and sometimes I even find myself in tears wondering how I could ever feel this good again. This is me at my peak of ecstasy. Then, when the buzzing wears off just enough, I am able to see more clearly, more intensely even. For a couple of hours I am in a sort of happy daze and then the calm hits me and I am able to look deep within myself and, most of the times, I find the person I am deep inside just sitting there, waiting for me and wondering what took me so long.