A New Perspective


Sensuality is something that is constantly on most people’s mind. It takes much of our day and sometimes it can make or break a relationship. They say men think about sex more than women do and that is debatable but the truth is that ever since we’re old enough to even want sex it’s something that we think on. It’s good that we think about it too… it’s an important part of our life and it’s the best way humans have to de-stress and let go of negative sensations. It’s also the way we show love and accept the love that others have for us. So yes, thinking about sex is fine and wonderful but how about if you’re challenged to alter the way you think about sex? What if you were told sex can be much more than a simple bodily function and you started to see it as a form to get closer to your spiritual and emotional needs? Well that is what Tantra asks you to do.

Tantric massages are a way that people not only get sensual stimulation but it’s also a form of guided meditation. It’s a way for those that are lost or don’t know how to express their desires to get in touch with them. It’s also a way connect with the very fibre of what you’re made of. Of course this all sounds very fantastical but the truth is that the feelings you have when you’re able to achieve the highest level that a full body orgasm (an orgasm that doesn’t come from a sex act of any kind) is simply called ecstasy. Yes, like the mythical drug that makes you feel all these things in a very unhealthy and synthetic way… but the ecstasy in tantric massages is a real experience that you can achieve safely and that will open your mind to thinking about sex in a way that you may never have before. It’s an alluring idea and the best part is that living in London means having it available right to your home. Perhaps learning to think of sex in a new way will help you at least get a new perspective on life and that can never hurt.